Telangana Dharani Agricultural Land Registration Mutation Process Passbook online

Telangana Agricultural Land Registration New process, Book Slot in Dharani Portal download passbook and apply for registration in online starts now.

Registration & Stamps Department of Telangana along with Revenue department was brought into a universal portal named Dharani. A major reform in ongoing process of Registrations, Land Transactions, and Issuing of Land Records etc. is going to take place. Right now Dharani portal was under construction so new registrations all over the state were on a halt and things will start from dussera 2020. Government has released the guidelines about process of Agricultural Land registration, Mutation process once dharani web portal is released to apply for registration.

Steps to Apply for Dharani Telangana Agricultural Land Mutation Registration in online:

First applicant need to book a slot in dharani portal. Check Dharani Registration slot booking page for more information and guielines.

Next the owner of agricultural land will be sent and OTP, it should be entered in the application form.

Fill out the application for registration and they need to add the information about ownership of land, Survey details, Market Value of land while submitting the application.

In next step applicant need to file both parties names, aadhar details, family member details, age, Profeesion, Caste, PAN number, Form 60 or Form 61 if applicable in English.

After completing the details fill-up, they must generate an E-Challan to pay the registration application fees.

Next complete the entry of witness and upload the application form in dharani portal in prescribed format. For this a receipt will be generated and the registration slot will be allotted as per the booked details.

How does Telangana Dharani Agricultural Land mutation will be processed?

Once receipt is generated process of Revenue department will start. At first DEO(Data entry Operator) will login into dharani and verify Witness details and will take Registration parties Bio-metirc details, finger prints in online.

In Next step the Tahsildar or Joint Sub-Registrar will verify stamp duty paid, Applicant details, documentation, E-Challan and other details will be verified and gives permission for Registration.

Once Tahsildar has given permission a document number will be assigned to the registration.

Again DEO will endorse the details and starts scanning of documents to upload in Dharani portal.

Next step tahsildar will login into dharani again and insign the document with a digital certificate via mutation process. New Passbook will be generated and available to download from Dharani web portal. It takes less than a day to update everything in web land records portal.

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  1. Sir,
    we five persons purchased an extent of AC 4 .oo from two individuals in single register deed. WE approached to a mee seva for booking a slot. It is given to understand that since the land in question is in five individual names it has to be mutated on five names .since we paid the prescribed fee of RS 10000 /- Through bank it possible either to readjust or refund the same. Kindly clarify.

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